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Social and Learning

Hillel offers learning opportunities throughout the year.

Titi Aynaw sharing her fascinating experiences of making Aliyah (immigrating) to Israel from Ethiopia, serving as a commander in the IDF, being crowned the first Jewish-Ethiopian Miss Israel, founding "Project Titi for Youth in Risk", competing in Israeli Survivor, and meeting President Obama.

                                                                                Holocaust survivor AnneMarie Yellin tells her story at Hillel.

There are numerous social events for college students studying at schools in the Davis/Sacramento area.




  Spa Night at Hillel

                                                                                                    AEPi Study Night
AEPi Study Night

Hangin' Out & Havin' Fun!
In addition, we host programs that are exclusive to
    graduate students, alumni, & young professionals in
    their 20s and 30s.

    For questions or more information, contact Seth Browner, Engagement Associate at

   Check our calendar and Facebook to see the latest offerings.



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Hillel at Davis and Sacramento
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